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Scott McClellan's new book "What Happened" is not worth writing about, but the story of its creation and the MSM/DNC efforts to foist yet more white noise on the American people is noteworthy.

First of all, there is nothing noteworthy in the book, as Dick Morris has pointed out. (I will not bother to read the book, but Morris' analysis is logical.) McClellan's anti-Bush conclusions are supported by nothing that would be unique to any insider. There is no bombshell factual revelation.

It has become clear that as McClellan began writing the book, the book was bland with no reason for the MSM/DNC to provide any coverage. At some point, the publisher exerted some degree of influence, and the project "evolved" (as the Washington Post has acknowledged. The Post tries to downplay the influence of the publisher. The Post quotes publisher Peter Osnos (a former Post editor) as part of the effort to downplay the influence of Osnos' publishing company. The Post refers to Osnos' publishing company "PublicAffairs" as a "small company," but never acknowledges that PublicAffairs and Osnos are part of the George Soros empire that owns the Democratic Party.

Flopping Aces writes more on the evolution of the book from a drab say-nothing book to a drab anti-Bush book (and the publisher's role in said evolution).

But even more interesting is the history of McClellan's father, Barr McClellan. You see, Barr McClellan is an author also. He became a partner in the Austin law firm of Clark, Thomas and Winters in 1972. At that point, "he was told about the illegal activities of the firm. . . " including the assassination of President John Kennedy. As a result of this inside information, he quit the firm five years later to start his own firm. I guess when you are gen-u-ine insiders like the McClellan's, it takes time to figure out that you don't like what you see on the inside.

Dad's belated crazy book

But I digress. Barr McClellan decided to write a tell-all book in which he revealed the assassination plot - a plot so extensive it included Dallas Cowboy owner Clint Murchison, Lyndon Johnson, oilman Haroldson Hunt and others.

JFK assassin Clint Murchison (rear left) talking with Tom Landry and other Dallas Cowboy officials.

The book is entitled Blood Money and Power: How L.B.J. Killed J.F.K. I am not sure how the law firm was involved, but it sounds like a more interesting story than Scott McClellan's book.

An attractive attorney at Clark Thomas and Winters - [I wonder if she knows that she is working for assassins. Maybe Scott should let her and the other employees in on the secret. Come to think of it, maybe Scott should have mentioned this whole JFK assassination thing to the President while he was working at the White House - unless, of course, Bush was in on it too. I guess that is the subject of his next book.]

In any event, the MSM/DNC's (1) failure to mention that Goerge Soros is the publisher of Scott McClellan's book (2) attempts to depict the publisher as "small" (3) failure to mention that Scott McClellan's father is a first class nut who published more interesting crap than his son ever could and (4) other stuff that we are not yet aware of - is all standard operating procedure to which we have become accustomed.

I wonder, in the entire McClellan book (Scott's - not Barr's) is there even one lie depicted that comes close to the Washington Post description of Scott's publisher as "small"?

What is more interesting is that George W. Bush hired this man in the first place. Memo to future moderate Republican presidents: Don't hire the insane or their children. George W. Bush is lucky that "war propoganda" is all that he was accused of. I can't wait to see what kind of crazies are lining up to work in the McCain administration.

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