Monday, May 26, 2008

Another Obama supporter, another embarrassment/ terror sympathizer/ lunatic/ anti-American; Guantanamo Muslim chaplain James Yee.

Another Obama supporter turns out to be an enemy of America - and not just in the same way that the New York Times or AP typically oppose America. James Yee opposes the U.S. in the old fashioned way. He supports terrorists to such an extent that prosecution would have revealed too many national security secrets:
[T]he charges were dropped, according to Maj. Gen. Geoffrey D. Miller, commander of Joint Task Force Guantanamo, because there were “national security concerns that would arise from the release of the evidence” if the case proceeded.
h/t LGF


As Charles wrote, he is the "perfect delegate for Obama." Democrat politicians in Olympia, Washington agree, and have selected Yee as an Obama delegate.

We are not supposed to criticize Obama simply because his supporters/friends/family are nuts, invent accusations of Nazism, hate America, were/are muslim, were/are communists, inflame the uninformed with false accusations, are criminals or are terrorists. But if Obama surrounds himself with such people, what kind of cabinet appointments will he make? Who will formulate his policies? Will Obama suddenly develop good judgment when he takes the oath of office and appoint only loyal, sane Americans? Or will he continue to surround himself with America haters, thus insuring the most disastrous possible policies toward terrorist nations.

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