Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Pennsylvania Election Coverage - 2008

Voter turnout today appeared to be low.

On the Republican ballot for President, the listed candidates were McCain, Huckabee and Ron Paul. Paul is campaigning hard and has volunteers at the polls.

Numerous local races are at stake as well as unopposed primaries for PA Attorney General.


8:50 P.M. - after early (@ 8:00 P.M.) reports that the election was too close to call, NBC has declared Hillary the winner in the Democratic primary. That didn't take long.


8:56 P.M. - Tim Russert and Brian Williams are making the case that it doesn't matter because Hillary can't win anyway.


8:59 P.M. - With one percent of the precincts reporting, Hillary is leading by 20 points. McCain is leading Paul by a somewhat larger margin.


9:02 - CBS has called the election for Clinton also. ABC is showing a commercial.


9:06 - with 5% reporting, Hillary's lead has shrunk to 53-47.

9:21 - Hillary is holding at 52-48 with 13% reporting.

In the past, in PA, the urban areas have reported first, with the rural areas reporting last.
9:29 - In Harrisburg, the Obama supporter is losing his race for State Representative by 59 - 41.
9:41 - With 18% reporting, Hillary is back to 54 - 46.
9:57 - With 42% reporting, Hillary's lead is 55 - 45.
Michelle Malkin posts updates.
10:21 - 66% reporting - 54 - 46.
11:02 - 79% reporting - 55 - 45.

This result can be interpreted as a defeat for Bob Casey and his handlers.


WGAL-TV reports that Hillary won numerous counties around Pittsburgh by 2-1 or greater margins. Hillary won Allegheny county by 10 points. Obama won few counties. Obama won Dauphin County (Harrisburg) and Lancaster. Obama's supporter in the State House race near Harrisburg (Singleton) has narrowed the gap but is projected to lose. The commentators have provided no explanation for Obama winning the central part of the state. Maybe the presence of so many state employees played some role.

4-23-08 7:00 A.M.

Matt Lauer's teleprompter reports a 10 point victory for Hillary. It also reported that the "cash started pouring in a little bit. . . " after yesterday's victory. Tim Russert will now give us our opinion . . . .
It appears that Obama's coattail effect was limited. Despite Obama's victory in Harrisburg, Obama's supporter (Singleton) narrowly lost a House race.

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