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Obama's Pennsylvania organizer calls John McCain a Nazi

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During this election, Barack Hussein Obama has been forever apologizing for the conduct of his supporters. When he is not trying to explain away Reverend Jeremiah Wright, he is trying to convince voters that whoever displayed the Che Guevara poster/Cuban flag in his Texas headquarters was unauthorized so to do.

It is unfortunate that Obama's campaign somehow attracts so many supporters that are so out of control. It makes one wonder what his Supreme Court nominees will do. Or what "unauthorized" conduct President Hussein Obama will have to disavow on the part of his subordinates.

In Pennsylvania, Obama has something new to disavow. A key Obama local volunteer/supporter (Darnell L. Williams) operates a large mailing list, is privy to Obama's campaign communications (and frequently forwards them to his mailing list), solicits donations for Obama, instructs the faithful on how to obtain tickets to upcoming Obama events, helps organize attendance at local Obama events and solicits volunteers for registration drives and campaign efforts in Pennsylvania and neighboring Ohio.

Yesterday, Darnell Williams sent an e-mail to his ever growing mailing list announcing that the Nazi party did not die with Hitler:

So you all thought that Nazism were finished after World War II? No, only Hitler was finished, the party which was never outlawed out side Germany, moved on to infiltrate Western governments. They don't use that name any more. They just use other political parties to spread their agenda.

You might say, what is their agenda? World domination of resources. Control of the people around the world. One world government under the dictatorship of one political corporation.

President Bush is part of that movement. Below is the candidate for the next four years.

Williams' e-mail goes on to identify John McCain as the "Third Reich candidate" in 2008. Williams provides a link to a site with more information.

If you want to see a copy of the e-mail, write to Mr. Williams at and request a copy of the Bush/McCain Nazi e-mail from April 5, 2008.

This situation provides the best of both worlds for Obama. His surrogates create a frenzy among Obama's base by invoking images of Nazi Germany, while Obama can claim to be above the fray. Obama will continue to receive credit from the MSM/DNC for practicing a new style of politics and seeking "change" from the bitter fighting that has characterized Washington for years. But the bitterness will continue. Hitler will loom large over this election as Obama's supporters are fed a diet of deranged rantings. The MSM/DNC spin will mask this insanity with their bland, yet exciting message of "hope" and "change" on behalf of their newest surrogate.
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After checking through my e-mails for the weekend, I see that the same Obama organizer (Darnell Williams) sent an e-mail later in the day announcing that one could apply for the "Obama Organizing Fellowship" - an Obama campaign program that will become active this summer as the campaign wears on.

This morning, the same organizer sent more information on the Bush-Nazi connection (background - Darnell Williams refers to a local foundation he has operated since the 1980's):

The Bush family started a movement to set up a Nazi government in the United States back in the 1920s. Just like my foundation, they have a 100 year objective that is in it final stages of implementation. Be aware that your civil liberties and civil rights are not guaranteed. Just like Germany, you may find yourself at anytime under political attack for no reason at all.

Take a look at this vedio link below.


Some subscribers thought it was extreme
of me to call John McCain, the Third Reich's
candidate for the White House.

I don't make the US/Third Reich
connection lightly.

We've already had a family of Nazi
sympathizers in the White House.

"Just like Germany, you may find yourself at anytime under political attack for no reason at all."

You don't say!


update - 4-7-08 - Michelle Malkin posts on Obama supporters in Seattle booing the Pledge of Alliegance.

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