Thursday, May 10, 2007

Barrack Hussein Obama - 10,000 dead in Kansas - Obama's critics miss the point.

By now we have all heard and laughed at Barrack Hussein Obama's comment that 10,000 people died this week in Kansas due to George Bush' tornados. The actual number was around 12.

But those who laugh at Barrack Hussein Obama miss the point. He may have tried to backtrack by claiming to be tired, but he never corrected himself until after that appearance and speech were over. Those who attended that speech were supporters of Barrack Hussein Obama. There were and are his allies. They already want him to be President. They have given money to his campaign. They count on receiving federal jobs/benefits/contracts/pork/preferential treatment from a Barrack Hussein Obama administration. They are already completely immunized from facts or corrections.

The people in Barrack Hussein Obama's audience now believe that 10,000 people died in Kansas. They believe it was Bush' fault. They believe only Barrack Hussein Obama (or maybe Hillary or John Edwards) can save us from more tornados. They never heard any correction. They wouldn't care even if they did.

If you could poll that same audience, they would probably say that 100,000 or more people died in New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina (I don't need to tell you who they would blame). [The actual number was around 1,000 or less].

Barrack Hussein Obama (and Hillary and John Edwards and John Murtha and Rosie O'Donnell, etc.) knows that the typical Democrat campaign audience is insane. The audience needs a steady diet of additional insanity to keep them on the reservation. The Democrats need an energized, frenzied base that will be willing to burglarize Republican campaign headquarters, assault Republican candidates and fire weapons at Republican offices. They will not do this unless they believe that tens of thousands of people are dying in Kansas, New Orleans, etc. at the hands of the Bush/Cheney/Halliburton/Rove/Hitler killing machine.

While much of the nation may be laughing at Barrack Hussein Obama, the Democrat lunatic fringe remains revved up and ready for action. Mission accomplished.

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