Thursday, June 05, 2008

"I have a dream" - 45 year anniversary - Obama acceptance speech.

August 28, 2008 will be the 45th anniversary of Martin Luther King's "I have a dream" speech. That same night, Barack Hussein Obama will deliver his acceptance speech to the Democrat national convention. In trying to turn this event into something historic, the MSM/DNC will repeatedly remind us all of this connection for the next three months. ("As we approach the 45 year anniversary of Dr. Reverand Martin Luther King, Jr.'s historic speech, Barack Obama prepares to make history himself. . . . etc. etc.")

But the MSM/DNC has a problem. The MLK speech has been so hyped for the past 4decades that neither Obama (nor anyone else) can live up to it.

But regardless of how well Obama actually performs, the MSM/DNC will treat it better than the Gettysburg Address and the Sermon on the Mount. Here is a sample of what MSM/DNC mouthpieces will say about Obama's speech:

- "truly historic"

- "transcends politics"

- "a new era has begun"

- "I will always remember where I was when I heard THE SPEECH."

- "something to tell our grandchildren about"

- "my leg is tingling"

The analysis and commentary is already written. The decision has been made. Obama's acceptance speech will be great. You will love it and worship it and be inspired - or else.

But now the hard part begins. Obama's handlers at the MSM/DNC must actually write something for Obama that sounds remotely like those post-speech comments. You can bet that speechwriters from all over the world are devoting themselves to this task. They have a little more than two months and three weeks (assuming they have not been working on it already for the past few months) to fill the teleprompter with stirring words.

The speech may include a new laundry list of things to dream about. We may discover that Obama has been dreaming about the end to war (the teleprompter will avoid the phrase "peace in our time") or the restoration of America's reputation among foreign nations. He will dream about the end of bitter, divisive politics and the rebirth of prosperity, where Americans can afford to keep their homes without fear of foreclosure. He will dream about the end of fear generally.

Obama will dream about the restoration of all of those industrial jobs that we have lost (but it is doubtful that the teleprompter will contain the word "China"). The speechwriters may contrast the "nightmare" of global warming with Obama's dream of a clean environment. The speechwriters may contrast many such "nightmares" with Obama's dreams. The nightmare of war, the nightmare of those hurricanes that Bush sent to New Orleans, the nightmare of all of that domestic spying that Bush/Halliburton is doing to this country and its legitimate dissidents like Khalid Sheik Mohhamed. But the nightmare theme will be downplayed, as the speech must be positive and must promise the moon.

Obama will dream that every child will be a planned and wanted child, who will then have access to government health care, midnight basketball, targeted tax credits for tuition and the end to the fear of being gunned down in school.

update - I almost forgot - Obama's dream will also include the end of lobbyists in American politics (except for NARAL, unions, the trial lawyers, environmentalists, etc. etc.).
end update

These are among the many dreams that speechwriters are busy cobbling together for the Obama acceptance speech.

It will be fun that evening to watch the commentators feign genuine emotion at hearing the speech, the basic substance of which they will already know (or can easily predict).

Two and 1/2 months may not be enough, as the MSM/DNC has 45 years of hype to live up to.

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