Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Kosovo; the Mufti; 1389 A.D.; Tito; Milosevic; a primer on Kosovar jihad.

Blonde Sagacity has posted a few questions about Kosovo's new independence. I made a few comments at her blog which I liked so much, I repeat them here. This post is a primer on the history of the Kosovo conflict and how it fits into global jihad.

The area that is now Bosnia, Kosovo, Serbia etc. was invaded and conquered by the Moslems in the 14th century. Many of the residents were forcibly converted to Islam (much like the former Christian countries of Syria, Egypt and Turkey and the formerly Hindu region of India that is now Pakistan).

Some of the moslem portions of Yugoslavia were allied with the Nazis during WWII, as evidenced by photos of Arafat's uncle reviewing SS troops in Bosnia. When the former Yugoslavia broke up after the death of Tito in the 1980's, the moslem majorities in Kosovo began persecuting the Christian minorities (kind of like Sudan, Lebanon, northern India (now Pakistan) in the 1940's, etc.).

This was another example of Islam pushing its borders outward from the middle east and into Europe. Al Qaeda assisted the Kosovar muslims during our involvement in 1999. We were, de facto, allied with Al Qaeda (and other moslems) in that war. Now we have another moslem country in Europe. The MSM/DNC refuses to explain this conflict in terms of the jihadi implications for all of Europe. Kosovo is now one more launching pad for Islam into Europe as Europe moves toward "Eurabia."

Here are some links -

Here is an article summarizing the current problems in Kosovo.

The end of this article mentions Al Qaeda presence in Kosovo and Bosnia in 2001.

Here is an article on the Al Qaeda - KLA alliance during the 1999 war.

Here is a lengthy post on Islam's conquest of northern India (Pakistan) and current efforts to conquer India.

Arafat's "uncle" and Hitler.

Here is some background on Bosnian muslims allied with the Nazis against the rest of the Yugoslavians in the 1940's.


History of the moslem conquest of Kosovo - 1389 A.D.

As you can see, this problem predates Slobodan Milosevic by about 600 years. The MSM has distracted us from the jihadi threat by focusing on a modern individual - much like they distract us from the War on Terror by demonizing BushCheneyHalliburtonDiebold. If you get lost in the trees, you will never see the jihadi forest. Look at any map of the middle east and the surrounding regions. You will see jihad and islam spreading into southern Russia, Europe, Africa, Asia, the Indian and Pacific Oceans, etc. In each of those places, one can find "bad" people that stand in the jihadis' way and who can be demonized so that we never see the forest.

In 1999, I fully supported the war - not knowing that Kosovo was only a small part of a global problem that had been growing since 600 A.D. Ever since 2001, I have stopped thinking that way.

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