Tuesday, February 19, 2008

MSM/DNC celebrates Castro's reign

On August 2, 2006, I wrote the following predictions related to the MSM/DNC coverage of the anticipated death of Fidel Castro:
If and when Castro dies, I expect the usual MSM/DNC post-mortems on his life. His nearly five decades in control of Cuba will be glorified and whitewashed. His longevity will be trumpeted as an insult to the United States. Matt Lauer's teleprompter will tell us that five (or ten) Presidents tried to get rid of Castro and he survived anyway. Diane Sawyer's teleprompter will tell us of Castro's deep Catholic faith.

Charles Gibson's teleprompter will refer to Castro's Soviet bosses as his "allies."

Katie Couric's teleprompter will remind us that Elian Gonzalez has been safely reunited with his father.

All of the teleprompters will downplay Castro's instigation of revolution in Nicaragua and El Salvador.

I further predicted that no MSM/DNC outlet would mention Castro's assistance to Venezuela's efforts to destablize the rest of Latin America by using secret police disguised as medical doctors.

Even though Castro is not dead (he announced his resignation yesterday), these predictions are coming true. This morning on Today, Andrea Mitchell triumphantly announced that Castro had survived 10 U.S. Presidents, including George W. Bush (even though Bush somehow remains in office). The same people who barely contain their admiration for the fifty years of Castro's dictatorship (and who now urge the end of the embargo even though the dictatorship remains under different leadership) swoon over the candidacy of Barack Obama and the "change" he will bring to the U.S.
Michelle Malkin has more.

As usual, Scrappleface puts it all in perspective:
Experts suggest that as co-presidents of Cuba, Mr. Obama would be the mouthpiece, giving stirring six-hour speeches about the majesty and beauty of poverty in a Communist Utopia, while Mrs. Clinton would work behind the scenes to ensure full agreement with those speeches at all levels of government.

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