Thursday, April 19, 2007

Ismail Ax; The synergy between Islam and insanity

Five and one half years after 9-11, there is much we still do not know about Islam. The main reason for this ignorance is that the MSM/DNC treats Islam like any other non-Christian religion - like Hinduism or Zoroastrianism. MSM/DNC largely refuses to discuss Islam, especially when the discussion would involve the continuing worldwide acts of terror at the hands of the "Religion of Peace."

One aspect that desparately needs to be explored is the existence of domestic criminals who initiate acts of terror/murder without orders or official connections to Al Qaeda or other Muslim groups overseas. The MSM/DNC has long accepted as an article of faith that unless one is taking explicit orders from Osama bin Laden, one is not a "terrorist" or a jihadist and does not reflect negatively on Islam. This assumption leads not only to the MSM/DNC campaign of misinformation about Iraq, but also leads the MSM/DNC to ignore and discount and misinterpret domestic acts of terror. The MSM/DNC provided tremendous publicity to the D.C. sniper in 2002, until it became apparent that the killers were Islamic and motivated by sympathy for the 9-11 terrorists. At that point, MSM/DNC forgot that the sniper murders ever happened.

While it is true that John Mohammed (probably) did not take orders from Al Qaeda, he was no less a terrorist. Mohammed's own insanity was fueled by the corrosive effects of Islam.

The case of Cho Seung-Hui may be different only in degree. The Islam/Insanity ratio in Cho appears to have been a little lower than in John Allen Mohammed. After hearing parts of his videotape, he appears to be rambling and incoherent, commenting on inequality of wealth like any ordinary John Edwards supporter. But his now multiple use of "Ismail Ax" and his celebrity status among foreign jihadists (of course they like Pelosi too - but that is another matter) indicate that Islam and the steady stream of Islamic hatred for the West played some role in this young man's craziness.

Of the greatest significance is the MSM/DNC's whitewash of the "Ismail Ax" phrase. As of yesterday afternoon, MSM/DNC had yet even to report or acknowledge the existence of this phrase, despite a worldwide internet feeding frenzy/blogburst directed solely to discovering the meaning of this phrase. The phrase was finally forced into the mainstream last evening when Michael Savage reported on his radio show that his people caught the phrase on the return address of Cho's package to NBC. Savage gleaned this phrase from the NBC broadcast even though NBC made no mention of the phrase or the connection to the writing on Cho's body or the worldwide blogburst of the previous two days.

Nightline then discussed this phrase at the end of their broadcast, but Martin Bashir discussed only the non-Islamic explanations. He discussed the Bible, James Fenimore Cooper and some recent literature that I don't remember. He did not mention the Koran or Isamail Adil Shah. All of Bashir's theories were inconclusive. If the Islamic influence theory is incorrect, why did Bashir not mention it? I believe the MSM/DNC ignored this phrase as long as it could for two days. It could wait no longer after the blogburst and Savage's radio broadcast. At that point, MSM/DNC's only choice was to broadcast a whitewash in the hopes that this murder spree would be dismissed as the work of a lunatic. MSM/DNC has once again whitewashed a massacre with possible Islamic connections and prevented Americans from learning more about the influence of Islam on domestic fringe elements.

We will face mayhem in the future at the hands of domestic lunatics. Islam may fuel this mayhem and provide justification in the minds of the lunatics for their rampages. MSM/DNC still wants you to believe that Islam is a religion of peace. To the extent that MSM/DNC is willing to permit America to fight back in the War on Terror, only those with proven connections to Osama bin Laden will be worth MSM/DNC scrutiny. Domestic lunatics, synergized with Islam, will continue to operate freely.

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