Wednesday, April 18, 2007

The Ismail Ax murders; Today Show's teleprompters consider every other angle

This morning on Today, Meredith Viera's and Matt Lauer's teleprompter never mentioned that the phrase "Ismail Ax" appeared on the body of Cho Seung-Lui.

But they mentioned everything else:

- They mentioned Cho's writings, even showing a picture of a copy of "Richard McBeef."
- They pointed out that he was a loner.
- They interviewed friends of Cho's parents in the D.C. suburbs.
- They interviewed members of the Korean community in Los Angeles.
- They interviewed a former teacher who had recommended counseling for Cho, but who admitted she hadn't seen him since December 2005.
- They managed to find a VT student who was also a student at Columbine in 1999.
- They tracked down the gun store owner that sold a gun to Cho.
- They interviewed friends of victims.

So we know what he wrote in English class, that he was a loner, where he bought a gun, who his former teacher was, that the Korean community fears a backlash, etc. -

But they never mentioned that he had a probable Islamic phrase written on his body at the time of his death.

Had the name "Jesus Christ" appeared on Cho's body, this incident would be forever known as "The Jesus Christ Shooting Rampage." Or "The Jesus Christ Shooting Rampage that proves the need to fight global warming." Or "The Jesus Christ Shooting Rampage that proves the need to promote gay rights, gun control and higher taxes."

But because Cho identified himself with the Religion of Peace, the MSM/DNC cannot even mention the simple fact that these words appeared on Cho's body. Whether it turns out to be an Islamic reference or not, the MSM/DNC's attempt to surpress this fact is, itself, a major story.

On this blog, I will now refer to the Virginia Tech murders as the "Ismail Ax murders."
update - Wednesday 11:45 AM
Atlas refers to the Ismail Ax story as another "Gutenberg moment." Check out her post to see info on the developing blogburst.

Also, it was inevitable. Someone has grabbed the domain name

The MSM/DNC will continue to look more ridiculous the longer it ignores and appears to fear this phrase. Regardless of what this phrase turns out to mean, MSM/DNC's attempt to suppress it is quickly joining Rathergate, Reuters fauxtogate, etc. among MSM/DNC scandals and watershed events.
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update 12:55 PM

From "The Age" (Australia) "All at once, the world went searching for the meaning of 'Ismail Ax'."

The whole world except for the MSM/DNC.

Also from The Age - "The rapid search and response of that term offered another snapshot of how quickly the web disseminates information and connects people."

This episode shows even more how the MSM/DNC is out of touch with the world. When the MSM/DNC finally does acknowledge this term, it will be sure to have some innocuous story that it can stick to and that it hopes will pacify those who are investigating the phrase that America's media giants seem to fear.

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