Thursday, April 12, 2007

Crystal Gail Mangum

I am about a day late on this blogburst. I am repeating the name and photo of the Duke rape liar even though they have already appeared on numerous websites.

Crystal Gail Mangum

As John Podhoretz wrote today:
It is the policy of the news media not to publish the names of rape accusers on the grounds that they should not have to fear public shame for coming forward with word of a horrifying personal violation.

That is a noble policy. But it needs a codicil. The codicil is that if a rape accuser is revealed as a liar, her name should be spoken loudly and often - as loudly and often as the names of those whom she falsely accused have been over the past year.

Her name is Crystal Gail Mangum.

She must be denied anonymity because she makes a mockery of the very policy of granting anonymity to rape accusers. We do not publish their names so that they will not fear public exposure. But people who are tempted to do the monstrous thing Mangum did should fear public exposure.

They should be terrified of it.

They should have nightmares about it.

They should be given no encouragement whatsoever to believe they can launch a nuclear weapon at someone's reputation and escape unscathed.

Her name is Crystal Gail Mangum, and she should not escape the world's scorn because she is poor, or because she is black, or because her life circumstances led her to work as a "stripper."

I do not believe that D.A. Nifong is the "real" culprit in this case. Nifong is clearly "a" culprit for bringing a politically motivated prosecution against innocent people, but many prosecutors would have done the same thing, given today's PC political climate. Nifong is one of many culprits. The real culprit is much larger.

Crystal Gail Mangum is also a culprit, but this case is much bigger than she is. Mangum is not the first, nor will she be the last, minority to bring false charges of racially motivated crimes.

Even the Al Sharptons and Jesse Jacksons of the world are not the "real" culprits. They are opportunists who filled a void created by the MSM/DNC's climate of race baiting. That climate was summed up in this week's Time Magazine:
The flip side of the instant-attention era is the gotcha era. We may be more inured to shock than ever, but when someone manages to find and cross a line, we're better able to generate, spread and sustain offense.

What time really meant is that MSM/DNC is better able to "generate, spread and sustain" racial tensions.

MSM/DNC is able to persecute innocent white people. This list of Duke rape headlines indicates the MSM/DNC's high level of salivation over a possible conviction in this case:
The Devils at Duke
White boys Wilding
Racism, Sexism, and priviledge play roles in scandal at Duke
Black Students rally around Duke Rape victim
NC Central Chancellor: The alleged victim has our support
Duke lacrosse team out of control
Duke lacrosse allegations fit mold
Committee to probe Duke Lacrosse culture
Duke Season cancelled due to bad behavior
Duke Team incident merits punishment
Duke Lacrosse case somehow gets uglier
Duke Lacrosse team had a reputation for swagger
Threats made against Duke Lacrosse team
Duke's lacrosse team incident has hate crime written all over it.
Duke Lacrosse team in trouble before
Duke games called off amid team sex scandal
Duke Lacrosse Rape claim spurs outrage
Duke Larcosse Rape scandal; accused players revealed in victim's statement
Duke Lacrosse Players may be charged for failing to stop Gang-Rape
Grusome Duke Lacrosse Details
Duke Lacrosse behavior unacceptable
Advantages of the privileged Lacrosse sect
Truth is worse than fiction: Duke Lacrosse
Player threatens Strippers in E-mail
The Devils came out in Durham
Duke Team exposed
Male violence against Women at Duke
Sounds like Hate
Duke players afflicted by sense of entitlement
A call for outrage
Fraternity of Silence
Hundreds join rally for victim
Professor wants team to be disbanded
Knowing White from Wrong
Code of Silence harms integrity
Another Reason to Hate Duke
To Hate like this
Take back the Night against Sexual Assualt at Duke
3 miles and a World away, a vigil for the accuser
Sex crimes awareness vigil at Duke
NCCU students march against assualt at Duke
Day 3 of Protests at Duke
Crowd gathers to protest Lacrosse team
Speak out against team scandal
Search warrant reveals plans for another team party
NAACP weighs in on rape case
DA confident Gang Rape occured
Dancer tells of Duke Rape
Victim reveals details of ordeal
Duke should do the Honorable thing
NAACP meets with DA in Duke Lacrosse case
DA stands behind rape charge
DA: Rape may have a racial angle
A pained community gives love and support to victim
Duke saga shows athletes can’t be allowed to think they are above the law

But when the MSM/DNC addresses actual violence committed by minorities, it often lies and blames white people, as it did in the Toledo riots of 2005.

The MSM/DNC allows race hustlers to escape responsibility for incidents like the Duke rape case. MSM/DNC seriously entertains Al Sharpton's views on who should be allowed to speak on the radio even as the North Carolina A-G attempts to clean up the Duke/Mangum case.

The MSM/DNC is the real culprit in this and many other cases. If we are looking to prevent this type of false prosecution from happening again, disciplining Nifong and prosecuting Mangum are only the first steps. Those steps need to be taken in order to discourage others from doing the same thing, but we need to go further.

The PC culture must disappear. The MSM/DNC stranglehold over our language and discussion must be broken. PC must cease being profitable. Companies must stop paying ransom to Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. All governments must take them off the taxpayers' payroll, which means that whatever subsidized housing, welfare or related program dollars find their way to Sharpton's/Jackson's organizations must cease. The system of shakedown lawsuits based on invented discrimination must end.

The educational environment that allowed 88 Duke professors to condemn the real victims solely on the basis of race must end.

I realize that these solutions are comprehensive, massive in scope and will require a tremendous awakening on the part of the public in general. The bad news is that even those changes that I advocate in this post would be only the beginning. But pretending that a rogue DA is solely to blame and hoping for the best is no solution.

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