Friday, April 06, 2007

Winter conditions prevail throughout the East;

Mother nature continues to make Al Gore her prison bitch, as the Winter of 2007 continues to pile on cold temperatures, unseasonal snow and ice and generally un-global-warming-like conditions:
Just about everywhere east of the Rockies, it's extremely cold for this time of year – with snow in parts of the Northeast and Midwest, and freezing temperatures elsewhere - and it's going to stay this way right through the weekend.

Parts of the upper Northeast are slogging through over a foot of snow which closed schools, tangled traffic and knocked out power to more than 180,000 homes and businesses.

Frost and freeze warnings are in effect for the next few nights throughout much of the Southeast, while the snow continues to pile up across portions of the Great Lakes and the Northeast . . .

The result, says Cullen, is temperatures 15 to 30 degrees below normal, with many record lows likely over the weekend, from the Ohio Valley on down to southeast coast.

At least two deaths – traffic accidents in New Hampshire and Michigan - are blamed on the wintry weather, which began late Wednesday.

Click here for previous stories on the frozen rivers, record cold temperatures, death tolls, collapsed buildings, disrupted air and rail travel and general misery that has been the Winter of 2007.
cattle grazing in Kansas - April 5, 2007 - AP

Today is the 25th anniversary of a record snowstorm and cold spell in the Northeast, while Sunday is the 78th anniversary of a record heat wave. When exactly did global warming begin?

update - 4-7-07
snow on the cherry blossoms 4-7-07 AP

- cold conditions at the Masters in Augusta, Georgia.

- Cold weather threatens crops throughout the East.

Accuweather - 4-7-07

- Top hurricane forecaster says Al Gore is "doing a great disservice and he doesn't know what he's talking about."
update - April 8,2007
From KARE11 Minneapolis-St. Paul:
Easter Sunday's high temperature will struggle to make 40 degrees, barely higher than Christmas day. In fact, we haven't seen April temperatures like this in almost 60 years.

Other parts of the country are freezing, too. Friday's Twins game is canceled in Chicago, and Atlanta could see its coldest Easter Sunday in 120 years.

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