Saturday, March 03, 2007

Winter of 2007 - Des Moines/ Iowa blizzard - Interstate 80 shut down

This Winter, we have seen the Eastern and Northern U.S. crippled by the St. Valentine's day blizzard. We have seen rail and airline disruption, frozen rivers, and, even before St. Valentine's day, record cold temperatures. We have seen closed highways and stranded motorists. Buildings have collapsed.

Now, in March, we see a continuation of this bitter weather in Iowa:
Ice and blowing snow continued to cripple Iowa's highways Friday, leaving hundreds of motorists stranded and littering major roads with abandoned trucks and cars.

Hundreds of miles of highway were declared impassable, even for rugged four-wheel-drive vehicles.

State transportation officials said they couldn't remember a blizzard that closed so many roads for so long. This one started Thursday, less than a week after an ice storm caused one of the biggest electricity failures in state history.

The latest storm was blamed for a fatal traffic accident in eastern Iowa and for uncounted school closings and other interruptions.

Many of the worst problems were in western Iowa, where conditions turned so bad Thursday night that National Guard Humvees could not make their way onto Interstate Highway 80. Instead, volunteers on snowmobiles plucked people from their stranded cars, then ferried them up to eight miles to a relatively clear area, said Cass County Sheriff Bill Sage. The rescued motorists then boarded Humvees and local officials' trucks, which were escorted into Atlantic by snowplows.

I hate to be redundant about any topic, but this year's severe weather requires constant repetition because the bad weather will end and the "global warming" issue will heat up conveniently just as the temperatures begin their annual rise in Spring and Summer.

road conditions in suburban Des Moines - Des Moines Register

The Winter temperatures have human consequences that cannot simply be brushed away like so many other facts and issues that fall victim to the MSM/DNC memory hole. The best way to rescue facts from the memory hole is to remember those facts in stark terms, with photographs that evoke images of the bitterness that characterized the events in the first place.

Stranded truckers in Iowa on March 2nd - Des Moines Register

This summer, as the global warming propaganda rages, review these and other photos from the Winter of 2007.

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