Thursday, October 05, 2006

Columbia University; Minutemen; Will Durant; ancient Rome, Jim Gilchrist, mob rule

The violence at Columbia University that prevented a Minuteman/Jim Gilchrist speech calls to mind numerous issues, including mob rule, immigration and the nation's pending constitutional crisis. Michelle Malkin summarizes the disgraceful events.

But the issues run deeper than simply one speech or one university. As I noted almost two years ago to the day, the growing mob rule in this country imperils our very future and is analogous to the period in ancient Rome where elected government was replaced by dictatorship. As Will Durant noted when writing about the events of 53 B.C.:
Any man who would vote as paid was admitted to the rolls, whether citizen or not; sometimes only a minority of those who cast ballots were entitled to vote. The privilege of addressing the assembly had on several occasions to be won by storming the rostrum and holding it by main force. Legislation came to be determined by the fluctuating superiority of rival gangs; those who voted the wrong way were, now and then, beaten to within an inch of their lives, after which their houses were set on fire.
emphasis added

The above quote is from Caesar and Christ, 1944. Within 5 years of the events depicted in that passage, Rome was a dictatorship and centuries of republican, elected government had come to an end forever.

The left must silence the Minutemen in order to continue the influx of illegal aliens. The left views the illegal aliens as invading allies in the left's war against America. If the left seizes Congress and the executive branch, it will be through a combination of mob action and electoral fraud, using foreign money and foreign muscle to overwhelm the already beleagured electoral system of this country.

We dodged a bullet in the 2004 elections. But we have failed to take steps to avert the crisis. We have not prosecuted most of the electoral fraud and violence cases from the 2004 election. The left intends to be more violent and more fraudulent in future elections until their rule is unchallenged.

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