Saturday, September 30, 2006

Mark Foley, Barney Frank, Steven L. Gobie, Bill Clinton etc. - a hypothetical for perverts and future politicians

Let's say you are contemplating a career in politics. Let's say also that you have not decided which political party would best serve your future political aspirations.

Suppose, finally, that you are also a sex pervert - that you either have a desire for underage boys or that you don't mind having male prostitution rings operated out of your apartment by your gay male "partner" or that you have a tendency to force your attentions on female subordinates [or one of a hundred other fetish/tendencies/"preferences"/perversions].

There are undoubtedly at least a few people in the US facing such a situation. They are about to begin a political career but are nagged by fears that their sexual proclivities/activities may become exposed/reported at some time in the future. If you are one of these people, you have a very important question to answer before you begin your first campaign.

Which political party should you join?

Which political party would best serve a politician that engages in or facilitates hidden, illegal sexual activities? As the events surrounding Congressman Mark Foley make clear, the choice is obvious. You do not want to be a Republican if you are caught in some bizzare sex scandal.

Look at the evidence over the past 20 years. If you are a Democrat, you can count on your political allies to:

- lie for you
- deny, deny, deny
- rely on the thinnest of legal excuses
- hire detectives and thugs to smear and intimidate your accusers
- support you to the end notwithstanding the evidence against you

The worst you can expect from your allies is a cursory expression of moral qualms, which expression will not be backed up by any meaningful action.

You will be allowed to remain in Congress for years afterward and express faux moral outrage over every reference to your particular "preference." Your improprieties will be ignored by the MSM/DNC while the same MSM/DNC will give unlimited airplay to your bile on any issue.

You will be offered a guest appearance on Oprah and a lucrative book deal. You may even qualify as a new breed of hyphenated-American.

On the other hand, if you launch your political career as a Republican, you will have no protection. If you are ever exposed for the disgusting pervert that you are, the GOP will abandon you and join the calls for your head.

The same Democrats that would have defended you if you had only joined their party will now attack you unmercifully. [They will attack you not for your perversion or your actual crime - but only for "hypocrisy" - this being a case of "love the sin, hate the sinner."]

Rest assured also that MSM/DNC operatives are seeking to out most Republicans as perverts/hypocrites on a constant basis. [Don't think they haven't investigated every teenage boy that has ever met George W. Bush in a vain attempt to contrive some dirt.]

The choice is thus clear. If you have something to hide, join the Democratic party. You are in for a very successful career.
Michelle Malkin links to more information on the Foley story, including a link to her own column from 2001 in which she tells of her own experiences as a Congressional intern.

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