Monday, August 15, 2005

Rathergate anniversary - 24 days and counting - David Brancaccio fights back

On the PBS pledge drive Friday night, David Brancaccio appeared and asked for money on the basis that he is an actual reporter. He specifically contrasted himself with bloggers. Brancaccio, you see, goes out and gets the story instead of simply reporting what other people are saying (the way bloggers do). Brancaccio did his best to appear nonchalant as he explained this difference.

It is apparant from Brancaccio's comments that the MSM/DNC knows that blogging is not a temporary phenomenon. MSM/DNC views blogs as its chief competition.

Brancaccio is the new host of "Now", the weekly program created by Bill Moyers several years ago for the purpose of talking only about Enron. In fact, Brancaccio does very little actual reporting. A show dedicated to rehashing Enron until the end of time is not engaging in "journalism." "Now" is simply a rehash of MSM/DNC approved stories with MSM/DNC approved spin and a healthy dose of class warfare agitprop. "Now's" take on Enron consists in the proposition that the "rich" took their Enron "winnings", bought up the state of Colorado and left the proletariat to suffer from reduced value in their stock portfolios. That is what passes for reporting at PBS.

Remember that bloggers' best work has been the result of actual reporting. Rathergate was the result of bloggers finding their own experts who could disprove the alleged authenticity of the ANG "documents." Easongate resulted from individuals who heard Eason Jordan's speech and exposed it on the internet. The best stories result from bloggers reporting on stories that the MSM/DNC won't touch.

That MSM/DNC continues to attack the blogosphere eleven months after Rathergate speaks volumes about the progress we have made.

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