Monday, August 15, 2005

MSM lie # 39 of 2005 - Detroit News inflates numbers

The Gaza pullout story seems to be a breeding ground of MSM/DNC lies.

Click here for the list of lies of 2005.

Click here for a previous post related to the Gaza pullout, including a cold war analogy.

Debbie Schlussel points out a Detroit News article that grossly overstates the Palestinian population of the Detroit Metro area. While the actual Palestinian population is less than 4,000 (according to 2000 census data compiled and reported at Wayne State University) , The Detroit News invents the numbers 15,000 - 20,000. [I guess the Detroit News must have found its extra 11,000 to 16,000 on the Democratic Party voter registration rolls.]

The MSM/DNC is always overstating the number of Arabs and Muslims in this country. MSM/DNC has done so since 9-11. This population inflation serves to lend credence to Islamic political influence peddlers like CAIR. Political operatives and pollsters are fooled into thinking that the Muslim vote can swing an election. The inflated numbers maintain that myth.

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