Sunday, August 14, 2005

Curt Weldon - Able Danger; still more plausible than MSM/DNC version

I understand that questions have arisen as to details of Congressman Weldon's recent claims regarding Mohammed Atta and the Able Danger operation.

Even if Congressman Weldon is wrong on the key points of his story, Weldon's version is still more credible than that of Richard Clarke, the 9-11 Commission, Michael Moore or any other purveyor of MSM/DNC 9-11 gospel.

I realize that I have set the bar very low, but does anyone doubt that MSM/DNC would have given Weldon voluminous airtime and even made him an ABC news consultant had the roles of the GOP and DNC been switched? Had Weldon used the Able Danger story to expose a Republican administration instead of Bill Clinton and Jamie Gorelick, any flaws in the story would be ignored and Weldon would be the hero.

The fact remains that the 9/11 commission was a disgrace, Jamie Gorelick was more responsible for 9/11 than anyone else except the terrorists, and the MSM/DNC strives mightily to hide those facts while blaming Bush. What is more important is that the politics-as-usual mentality that compounded the horror of 9/11 with the disgrace of the Commission remains firmly entrenched.

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