Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Rathergate Anniversary - 22 days and counting - 50,000

Sometime around three o'clock today I expect to reach 50,000 on my hit counter. That is not much compared to the larger blogs, but it is a big milestone for me after less than 11 months of blogging. I owe it all to Rathergate:
While I had begun to follow certain blogs as the election campaign wore on last summer, Rathergate was the hook that reeled me in. My own blog began at the end of September, 2004, as I joined in the wave that carries us to the new media future.

While I can take no credit for the blogburst that brought down Rather and CBS, I do claim to be a child of Rathergate. I suspect that all of those political blogs whose archives go back only to September and October, 2004 were similarly Rathergate generated.

Thanks everyone for your links and your hits.
And, the 50,000th hit is referred by . . . . . . . .Captain's Quarters. May the Air America scandal be as productive as the Rathergate scandal.


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