Tuesday, May 24, 2005

More Koran riots and a new compromise

Brokennewz provides breaking news on the latest Koran atrocity:
A California man accidentally used the Koran as a coaster yesterday, sparking riots that led to the deaths of over 400 people in Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Indonesia.

Reaction from Moslem "clergy" has been swift:
"Allah specifically states...O.K., I don't know exactly where...but it's probably official policy that infidels putting a drink on a Koran deserves a nice, big fatwa."

This incident bears striking resemblance to Newsweek's Koran-flushing "story":
Last week, it was discovered that a Koran wasn't flushed down a toilet on an American military base. About 20 died in the Muslim world as a result.

In related news, Islamic extremists found out the toilet story was untrue, got incensed about the "deceiving, treacherous Jew-controlled U.S. media," and killed about 20 more people.

There is cause for optimism. The latest word from Washington is that John McCain has proposed a compromise that would establish quotas on the number of deaths resulting from bloody Islamic riots while permitting fake MSM/DNC Koran desecration stories only under "extraordinary circumstances."

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