Tuesday, May 24, 2005

John McCain - a history of sellouts

During the 1996 Presidential election, Bill Clinton raised tremendous amounts of illegal cash from China funneled through Chinese individuals in this country. In return, Clinton authorized the transfer of advanced ICBM technology to China. Someday, the entire country will pay for this sellout.

Following the election, campaign finance abuse became a major issue. With congressional investigation, including the Cox committee, Clinton's sellout threatened to become a major scandal. All of the talk of John Huang, Johnny Chung, the White House coffee fundraisers, etc. were the tip of the iceberg for this scandal, the core of which was the sale of technology in exchange for the campaign contributions that saved the Clinton presidency.

In the midst of this investigation, none other than John McCain came riding to Clinton's rescue. McCain helped Clinton change the subject. Clinton's line was - "we followed the law, but the law needs to be changed." McCain was eager to oblige. McCain would spend the next few years talking about "soft money" and the need to "get money out of politics." McCain proposed his unconstitutional finance reform bill, whose effect was to muzzle and restrict American citizens. The Chinese sellout was forgotten. McCain provided Clinton with the cover he needed to change the subject and get away with the crime.

Last night, John McCain did it again.

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