Sunday, May 22, 2005

Linda Foley - MSM/DNC Lie #30.

I will shortly add lie #30 to the list of MSM/DNC Lies of 2005. As most of you know, Linda Foley of the Newspaper Guild has repeated Eason Jordan's lie. She has accused American soldiers of targeting journalists for death in Iraq. Click here for commentary and La Shawn Barber for details and additional links.

This episode becomes far more egregious when you realize that the Islamic terrorists have done exactly what Jordan/Foley MSM/DNC have accused U.S. soldiers of doing. The online terrorist training manual for islamists in Iraq teaches the terrorists to place a high priority on killing journalists. H/T LGF.

Has MSM/DNC warned its reporters about this piece of Islamist instruction? Has MSM/DNC taken any precautions to protect its employees?


The MSM/DNC's only response is to accuse the American military of doing the same thing. Warning journalists on the ground in Iraq of the real danger might accidentally support/justify the American cause in the Middle East. MSM/DNC would rather see its own people die than take the chance of indirectly supporting the American cause.

I realize that is a harsh thing to say, but MSM/DNC's second attempt to float this lie in four months [despite disastrous consequences for itself the first time], MSM/DNC's desparate and ridiculous attempt to rescue Newsweek's credibility in the wake of the Newsweek riots and many other examples too numerous to mention [here is one H/T Michelle Malkin] lead to no other conclusion.

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