Friday, May 20, 2005

Encirclement from without - demoralization from within

Debbie Schlussel's comments yesterday point out the real nature of the war in which the U.S. is engaged:
Non-Muslim Bibles, houses of worship, and other religious icons are destroyed in the Muslim world every day—all without a wimper from us in the West and without an Isikoff story as purported impetus.

Remember Joseph’s Tomb, destroyed by Palestinians? How about the Al Aqsa Mosque—desecratingly built on top of the holiest site in Judaism, the Jewish Temple Mount in Jerusalem? Remember the Omayyad Masjid—the Damascus, Syria mosque where Pope John Paul II famously took his shoes off and kneeled? Forcibly “upgraded” from a church.

In “response” to Isikoff’s article, HAMAS rioted and protested in Gaza. Because everyone knows that, but for a Michael Isikoff article, HAMAS has always been a peaceful ladies’ afternoon tea-fest. They never engage in violent activity. Puh-leeze. Instead of self-flagellating about “why ‘they’ hate us,” it’s time we ask why we tolerate and pander to them.
emphasis added

The Islamists are determined to destroy the West no matter what. We have known this fact since 9/11. [The more astute among us knew this fact long before 9/11, but that is not important right now.] Even though we face a determined, vicious enemy outside the gate, our very own MSM/DNC is doing its best to undermine our defenses and provoke the enemy into committing even more acts of barbarity. MSM/DNC is as much "the enemy" as the Islamists. Blonde Sagacity provided these comments yesterday:
My God, is their hatred for Dubya so strong that they don't see what they're doing? . . . . . Folks, in 50 years this generation of progressive politicians and journalists are going to be judged by either free Americans who live beyond the threat of jihad because of what's being done right now, or else they'll be judged by America's new islamofascist dictators.

I can't explain why MSM/DNC focuses on weakening our defenses at the moment of our greatest peril. But we better start talking about this problem now if we don't want to lose this war.

LGF asks a pertinent question:
Suppose that American media were really funded and supported by the Muslim Brotherhood, and openly opposed to the United States. How would the coverage differ?

Answer: not at all.

In 1980, Barry Goldwater addressed the Republican National Convention by referring to the Soviet Union's recent gains and the leftist culture that had so weakened our military and our morale over the previous decades. He referred to the trend as "encirclement from without and demoralization from within." I have never seen that speech or any reference to it in the past 25 years. We need that message now more than ever if we are to throw off the yoke of the MSM/DNC.

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