Wednesday, May 18, 2005

A new category of MSM/DNC bias.

As a result of the aftermath of the Newsweek debacle, I will shortly add another category to the "categories of MSM/DNC bias".

Category #23 will focus on MSM/DNC phony cries of "censorship." Every time the MSM/DNC is caught in some lie or rightly accused of bias, the usual MSM/DNC suspects step forward and cry "censorship." Any disagreement with the MSM/DNC receives this label. Specifically, read Drudge's account of the reporter who took offense at the White House's suggestion that Newsweek help repair the damage that Newsweek has wrought .

Or check out this poll, in which the alternative responses apparently left individuals with a choice between believing the media or advocating censorship. Those who disbelieve the media were portrayed as unaware of the existence of the first amendment. I don't know how the questions were skewed to present these false alternatives, but clearly the poll attempts to pit the first amendment against those who are suspicious of the media.

Earth to MSM/DNC, we don't want to censor you or tell you what to say. We just want you to stop committing ## 1-22. Or at least tell the truth once in a while. Actually, we will soon stop caring what you do. The day of your complete obsolescence approaches.

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