Saturday, May 14, 2005

Notes from around the blogosphere

Among other items in the past week, the phrase "MSM/DNC" [or at least the concept that the Mainstream Media is really part of the Democratic political machine and dedicated to political goals instead of journalism] is catching on.

Scrappleface has posted a story about a fictionalized "DNC-New York Times" poll that "proves" that Americans have little interest in the Hillary Clinton fundraising trial.

Digital Brown-Pajamas asks [as part of an unrelated discussion]:
Why give the Democrats and the press (excuse the stutter) the opportunity to claim that the country has swung left?
emphasis added

DBP "gets it" when they state that references to "Democrats and the press" are redundant.

Alan Woody links to a disturbing story:
A woman who was scheduled to have her 22-week-along pregnancy ended at a Florida abortion clinic instead delivered the baby alive in a restroom and says her pleading for help from medical staff went unheeded, even when an employee saw that the tiny boy was moving. FULL ARTICLE (includes photographs, not gory at all but terribly sad)

Daily Pundit writes of a Maryland talk radio host that got arrested for protesting against illegal alien protesters. The illegal aliens remain free.

Sue Bob writes of Venezuela's program of providing oil to Cuba in exchange for secret police disguised as doctors. The secret police protect Chavez' illegitimate government and foment revolution in the rest of Latin America. Why haven't we heard more about this, even within the blogosphere?

PoliPundit provides blogosphere news.

Michelle Malkin comments on the Larry Franklin/AIPAC scandal.

The Captain comments about new revelations in the widening Annan/UN oil-for-food scandal.

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