Monday, May 16, 2005

Random thoughts on Newseek [Newsweek lied - people died]

1. The MSM/DNC has fed us our very own meme on a silver platter. We should never stop using it.

2. I gave Newsweek credit for acting better than CBS in the wake of the scandal. CBS stonewalled for 12 days and still has not acknowledged that the national guard documents were forged. Newsweek has issued a self-serving retraction without waiting for 12 days to pass. But I was hasty to give Newsweek credit. Newsweek had no choice. They saw that CBS' stonewalling did no good. Newsweek learned from CBS' example. Newsweek caved out of necessity, not ethics. The blogosphere deserves the credit, not Newsweek.

3. Three months ago, Cox and Forkum authored a cartoon that pictured bloggers congregating outside the gates of the MSM castle, while the establishment cowered inside. It was labeled "Pajamas at the Gate." Today, a new cartoon is in order. A better artist than I could draw a much more elaborate castle, with individual towers bearing the names of recently discredited MSM/DNC entities, such as CNN, CBS, Newsweek and NYT. Each tower bearing the label of a recently discredited MSM/DNC entity would be pictured burning or swarming with bloggers who have successfully scaled its walls. Towers labeled ABC, WaPo, Time, etc. would remain in establishment hands, while bloggers press the attack on ladders. As I said, it will take a better artist than I.

4. We must not let our anger at Newsweek blind us to the conduct of the Islamists. Islamists have rioted recently over the Miss Universe pageant and other nonevents. Islamists have been on the march against the infidel world for 1,400 years - long before MSM/DNC began using them as a handbag to swing at America.

5. Maybe if Christians would riot once in a while, Islamic terrorists would stop using the Bible for toilet paper.

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