Sunday, March 13, 2005

A new lie

I am in the process of adding a new lie to the list of MSM lies in 2005. It seems that the Philadelphia Inquirer has quoted from some comments at LGF and falsely attributed them to LGF itself.

The Inquirer acts not as a news organization, but as one that desparately needs to discredit an increasingly popular alternative news source. If the blogosphere were insignificant, the Inquirer would not have done this. When Rush Limbaugh first began to gain listeners, the MSM/DNC ignored him. Only after it became clear that he would not go away did the MSM/DNC start to slander him.

It is more than ironic that Ted Rall did the same thing to LGF last month. See lie number 12. There really is very little difference between a garbage spewing cartoonist and supposedly respectable mainstream newspapers.

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