Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Rather update

As we slouch towards Dan Rather's pompous, overdramatic, self-important exit, it is gratifying to see that his very presence causes tremors within the CBS family.

A Michigan affiliate had to yank abruptly an online poll that suggested that the affiliate might not broadcast Rather's farewell documentary. Hat tip to Michelle Malkin.

The MSM/DNC in action.

Click here for my post (and links) describing how Dan got his start by smearing innocent elementary school children in the immediate aftermath of the JFK assassination.

Click here for my post describing how we can combat the MSM/DNC's subtle spin on Rathergate.

I don't intend to stop writing about Rather just because he will soon be gone. I plan to post a new item combating the lazy Republican tendency to criticize Rather by contrasting him with the "great traditions" of CBS News established by Cronkite and Murrow.

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