Saturday, March 12, 2005

More Guns, Less Crime

We await the onslaught of propaganda from the usual suspects in the MSM/DNC regarding gun control. This onslaught will inevitably follow the shootings in Atlanta and Wisconsin yesterday and today.

The leftist buzzards will be especially encouraged because the Wisconsin shooting happened at a church service. It is amazing that there have been actual proposals from actual elected officials to ban guns from all church services in response to previous shootings. Elected leftist officials just love the thought of churchgoers unarmed and at the mercy of crazed killers.

The best response to the coming barrage is the truth. Much of the truth is contained in John Lott's study, More Guns, Less Crime. Lott's book contains statistics showing that the areas with laws allowing "concealed carry", violent crime is lower. Combine this with statistics showing that violent crime such as robbery of occupied homes increased dramatically in Canada and England after the imposition of gun control, and you have an easy response to the propoganda.

More Guns, Less Crime(click to enlarge)

The best examples of gun control in this country are schools and airplanes, where no guns are allowed. Yet schools became battlegrounds during the late 1990's and airplanes became the terrorists' weapon of choice. The reason that these gun control laboratories produced such violent results is that the victims were disarmed while the criminals/terrorists ignored the gun bans or found other weapons.

Remember this when they blame George Bush for the shootings and propose to reenact the semi-automatic weapon ban.

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