Thursday, March 17, 2005

Law of the Sea Treaty

I have seen very few bloggers mention the imminent passage of the Law of the Sea Treaty. This treaty would effectively turn control of the world's oceans over to the UN. The Bush administration recommends that the U.S. Senate pass this treaty despite the notorious conduct of the UN in recent years, including positive statements about Hezbollah, the sex abuse scandal in the Congo and elsewhere around the globe, the UN weather agency scandal, the oil-for-food scandal, the UN's notorious opposition to the Iraq war, the UN's placement of foxes in charge of chicken coops, etc. I can't imagine what the U.S. government is thinking.

This one needs immediate blogging if we are to avoid not only a major boondoggle, but serious curtailment of our sovereignty.

Could John Kerry's "global test" have been any worse?

Friday update.
I haven't seen any blogging on this issue from anyone else. Keep in mind what the LOST treaty really means:
Under LOST, the U.N. will finally have the tax and regulatory powers it has lusted after for so long, together with a commercial income stream, independent of the purse strings of national legislatures. Any entrepreneur wishing to explore or mine the ocean floor would have to pay the Authority and provide technical assistance to the Enterprise, the ISA's own commercial ocean mining corporation. Articles 192 through 237 are loaded with environmental legalese that will provide U.N. autocrats and their NGO allies at Greenpeace and the Sierra Club with unrestricted power.

In order to generate some activity, I will link to some of the well known blogs so I can at least generate some trackbacks. Michelle Malkin posts about other matters here and here.
David Limbaugh posts about other matters here and here.
Scrappleface posts about another matter here.

Captain's Quarters writes negatively about the UN but does not mention the LOST treaty.

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