Monday, November 03, 2008

Summary of Obama administration predictions.

The following items can be reasonably expected from an Obama administration:

  • Price controls may make gasoline unattainable to a greater extent than we suffered during the Carter administration, while coal generating plants are forced into bankruptcy, resulting in the virtual destruction of the economy and the subsidized relocation of millions of Americans from their homes.

  • America's allies overseas will be surrendered to our enemies under the watchful process of "international bodies."

  • The domestic terrorists of the 1960's and 1970's will return to enjoy increased power and the ability to implement the worst of their plans.

  • Taxes will go up to the point of crippling the economy.

  • 401(k)'s and IRA's will face increasing danger of government seizure.

  • Health care will be nationalized, creating scarcity and long waiting lines for treatment, increasing patient suffering and mortality in serious cases.

  • Class warfare (and even outright violence) will increase, destroying productivity, the means of production and our standard of living.

  • Obama will create a praetorian guard for the ostensible purpose of community organizing and volunteer charity type work, but the effect will be to find government employment for legions of his supporters that will help enforce his other programs against the majority of Americans and ensure his continued power during all of the chaos that Obama's other programs will create.

All of these predictions are based on Obama's own statements, longstanding Democrat policy and programs, current discussions among Democrats in Congress and experiments by similar governments abroad. Some of these policies have been tried in the past, namely price controls, with disastrous results. Others have been implemented by modern, industrialized countries, with even more disastrous results. Most of these programs have been implemented by great civilizations of the past, all of which were destroyed in the chaos that followed.

We will not recognize the United States after 4 years of an Obama administration. The economic damage at home can be predicted from some of the links above (using ancient civilizations as a model). The consequences for the rest of the world will be increased war and chaos, further advances by Islam and increased UN control, the effects of which will continue far beyond Obama's term (if it actually ends). The damage, at home and abroad, will be too great for any moderate Republican to correct in one term or 10 terms.


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