Friday, October 31, 2008

Predictions for the Obama administration; Weather Underground; Larry Grathwohl; reeducation camps;

I think it is best to take Obama's friends at their word:

The Grathwohl film, among other things, supports the idea that leftists view hostile foreign governments as allies.

I do not believe that re-education camps will exist in the United States anytime soon. But it is apparent that a substantial number of Obama's influential supporters advocate such a program. It is also apparent that Obama does not hold this advocacy against his supporters.

We already knew that the hardcore Obama supporters have no qualms about destroying our system of free elections.

Given the hardcore militancy of those on the left, the damage they have done thus far and the programs they support, why would America be immune from the chaos and collapse that destroyed ancient Greece? What makes us so different from the civilizations of the past?

While it is impossible to predict the exact form that the tyranny will take or how the remaining free institutions will collapse, the general pattern is starting to emerge. Instead of violent overthrow as envisioned by Obama's friends in the Underground, economic upheaval resulting from decades of government interference, taxation and regulation will frighten unsuspecting voters into installing a terrorist sympathizer under the mantle of "change."

There are many historical models for the collapse of civilization. Greece, Egypt, Rome and the Byzantine Empire. All of these examples resulted from oppressive government, licentiousness, high taxes, some form of socialism, etc. Some of these examples involved class warfare and conquest by foreigners. Other examples include hyperinflation, including Weimar Germany and post-revolutionary France. Trying to predict the exact path that we will take gets easier with each new disaster that we encounter, but the actual course of events will most likely involve some combination of the disasters that destroyed the aforesaid civilizations.

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