Monday, October 27, 2008

Energy policy under Obama; price controls, shortages, lines

Gasoline prices have fallen tremendously in the past four months. But if they return to their previous levels [Spring-Summer 2008], it is a safe bet that Obama's solution will involve some kind of price controls or rationing or both. That is the only solution of which a leftist/socialist can conceive. [Obama and a Democrat Congress will never allow drilling or the construction of new refineries.]

But remember, price controls cause shortages. You will find yourself waiting in long lines at the gas station if price controls are ever enacted. A worst-case scenario would make gasoline almost totally unavailable [except for high government officials]. Your car would be useless and you would be forced to relocate to the nearest city in order to maintain employment - unless you are lucky enough to work near your existing home and your occupation does not depend upon travel. This forced relocation would be labeled a "transition" by the Obama administration and the MSM/DNC. Government funds would be available to help defray the cost of the "transition" to city living and to make available low cost, subidized housing in the city [and a greater number of overcrowded public buses].

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A good hobby to learn now might be bicycle repair. Bicycles will become a more popular method of transportation under an Obama administration. You might want to start hoarding bicycle tires and accessories for your own future use or for their resale value during the coming "transition."

This is one prediction about which I will be glad to be wrong.

Bicycle tires - your future investment portfolio?

Your future residence?

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