Saturday, September 06, 2008

Sarah Palin; Sambo; bitch

The latest (?) smear is that Sarah Palin referred to B. Hussein Obama as a "Sambo" who beat the "bitch" - Hillary Clinton. The same people are spreading this rumor who would not entertain the thought that Hillary Clinton called someone a "F---- Jew B-----" and who called Maryland Lt. Governor Michael Steele a "Sambo."

[I place a question mark after "latest" because there will be 10 more smears by the time I hit the "publish" button.]

As Michelle Malkin wrote, "[f]or every nutball blogger who spreads it, there should be 50 to defuse, debunk, and beat it down."

The left does not even care that this smear will be widely disbelieved. They are playing to their base. The leftist base operates outside the realm of human civilization. They exist only to destroy civilization and so foul the political process that they will win even if they lose. There is nothing more important to the left than maintaining an energized, unreasoning, rampaging, destructive base. To the left, credibility pales in comparison to having such a base.


update - Saturday night -
If you are an idiot searching Google for dirt on Sarah Palin, you have been suckered. Thousands of idiots were led here over the past week in a vain search for "Sarah Palin bikini photos." Now, hundreds more are being baited here in a vain search for evidence that Sarah Palin once said "Sambo." Next week, I may bait you back here to find evidence of some other frivolous accusation. But the fault is yours. If you were not desparate to elect an indefensible candidate, you would not be so afraid of Sarah Palin that you would chase every wild goose.

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