Monday, September 01, 2008

The leftists are not human; Hurricane Gustav; Michael Moore; Don Fowler; John Spratt

By now, it has become widely known that the Democrats have celebrated the coming of Hurricane Gustav during the Republican convention. Redstate posts a video of DNC Chairman Don Fowler joking with Representative Spratt about the upcoming devastation and how this supposedly proves that God favors the Democrats.

Michael Moore also enjoys the prospect of hurricane destruction during the RNC convention. See more here.

Two years ago I wrote of the dehumanizing effects that MSM/DNC politics have created for all of us:
But we should remember what separates us from the totalitarian movement that is the MSM/DNC. The very reason we oppose abortion, that we opposed the murder of Terry Schiavo, that we oppose the use of stem cells from murdered Ukrainian infants, etc. is that we value the very concept of humanity. The reason that the MSM/DNC favors those things is that totalitarians must dehumanize their would-be subjects in order to rule and control. Proud, strong, faithful, happy humans cannot be ruled. Cattle CAN be and WILL be ruled. A world in which anyone's life becomes disposable for the sake of political advantage is a world tailor-made for totalitarians.

To the left, human beings are just cattle or inanimate objects. If a hurricane has to destroy and disrupt thousands of lives in order for the left to win an election, then so be it. The millions fleeing across the southeastern U.S. are mere chess pieces in the political calculations of the left. The left can not conceive of individuals and the importance they place on their own lives, safety, health and security. The left can not see anything beyond their own desire for power.

This is the same attitude that could justify mass purges, starvation and devastation from the Stalin regime in the 1930's. This attitude allowed both (1) the perpetrators to commit these atrocities and (2) the left in this country to cover it up.

This disgusting spectacle should give us all an indication of what type of "change" the left has in store for the rest of us should they ever achieve total power.


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