Thursday, December 14, 2006

Senator Tim Johnson, Hillary!, Strom Thurmond; health issues and politcal issues; Let's keep our humanity

It may be tempting for conservatives to think about the possibilities of recapturing the Senate in light of the sudden illness of Senator Johnson (D. S.D.). The Washington Post certainly has considered the possibilities.

But we should remember what separates us from the totalitarian movement that is the MSM/DNC. The very reason we oppose abortion, that we opposed the murder of Terry Schiavo, that we oppose the use of stem cells from murdered Ukrainian infants, etc. is that we value the very concept of humanity. The reason that the MSM/DNC favors those things is that totalitarians must dehumanize their would-be subjects in order to rule and control. Proud, strong, faithful, happy humans cannot be ruled. Cattle CAN be and WILL be ruled. A world in which anyone's life becomes disposable for the sake of political advantage is a world tailor-made for totalitarians.

The moment we find ourselves contemplating the political implications of Senator Johnson's health issues, we lose a little humanity and we become a little more like our enemies. If you need a good example of the how the MSM/DNC acted in a similar situation 6 years ago, remember Hillary's treatment of Strom Thurmond in the days of the slim Republican Senate majority during the first half of 2001.
But Hillary was not yet finished with the dean of the Senate. Remember that this was the time before Jumpin' Jim Jeffords made his infamous jump to the other side. In a Senate debate regarding budget amendments on May 21, 2001, Joe Biden made a gracious offer to Thurmond. Here is the account from NewsMax -----
Biden sought to relieve the weary Thurmond, who by several accounts looked visibly unwell, by striking a deal where they'd both leave the Senate floor, cancelling out each other's vote on the important budget amendments at hand.
But when Mrs. Clinton learned of Biden's kind gesture, she warned, "Joe, you're going to miss thirty votes" -- then tried to blame the prolonged session on Republicans.
Clinton prevailed, along with two other Democrats who echoed her arguments, and Thurmond was forced to endure the full debate.
"This is disgusting," a Republican aide told the Washington Times Wednesday. "This is the lowest form of politics, when you´re actually trying to exhaust senators into their graves in the hopes of gaining the majority."
emphasis added

Those at the very heart of the MSM/DNC know the real stakes. I would speculate that the MSM/DNC can see a very real silver lining to losing control of the Senate for now, as long as it means further erosion of the humanity to which the rest of us cling. The MSM/DNC knows that if we become a little more like Hillary, salivating over the ill health of a Senator, the ultimate total MSM/DNC domination will become that much closer, regardless of any temporary changes in the makeup of the Senate.

I ask that we pray - first for Senator Johnson, as we entrust his fate and his health to God - and secondly for ourselves - as we trust God to preserve our own humanity.

Here is another example of totalitarians who seek to destroy by first destroying their opponents' humanity.

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