Friday, December 08, 2006

Boycott Valero

Debbie Schlussel has the story of Valero gas stations and their ties to Citgo and Venezuela. Citgo is the Venezuelan owned gasoline chain that is using the Valero name like Hillary pretending to be moderate in order to fool voters at election time.
You may have noticed Valero stations popping up all over America. They are really CITGO stations. Because of the deserved stigma attached to the Chavez-controlled gas stations, many Americans are not buying gas at CITGO, and the stations are losing money . . . big-time.

So, with the smoke and mirrors of a name-change, many CITGO stations are quietly changing from CITGO signs and emblems to Valero.


update - 12-11-06

There is apparently some dispute about this issue. Debbie is sticking by her original story. Those who dispute her include individuals on the Valero company message board and another individual who claimed to have supported the Valero story originally. The issue seems to be almost one of semantics, with the Valero defenders arguing that Valero did not buy the Citgo stations, even though that is not part of Debbie's argument. Others have argued that Valero buys less Venezuelan fuel than other oil companies. Some of these arguments sound like Bill Clinton arguing that his civil rights bill did not use the word "quota", therefore it is not a quota bill. While I recognize that there is a dispute, I am unconvinced by the arguments of those who dispute Debbie's story.

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