Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Which promises will Casey break?

The Harrisburg "Patriot"-News has reminded us of some of the promises that Robert Casey (and other Democrats) made to the voters during the election - and the impossibility of fulfilling these promises:
WASHINGTON - On the campaign trail, U.S. Sen.-elect Bob Casey Jr. and other Democrats called for fully funding the federal No Child Left Behind education program and increasing spending for veterans programs, and advocated the need to expand health insurance for all Americans, especially children.

"You're talking billions of dollars, at least," Casey said in October during the heat of his election fight with U.S. Sen. Rick Santorum, R-Pa. "When I talk about health care for kids and health care for small business, and we talk about investments in education, all of these things, I think, are important investments."

Such promises proved popular with many voters but could come back to haunt lawmakers such as Casey as they grope with limited resources to implement proposals, keep supporters happy and keep spending in check.

"They're going to face some very difficult choices reconciling their rhetoric with the budget realities," predicted Tim Penny, a former Democratic congressman and deficit hawk from Minnesota.

It is inconceivable that the Democrats were not aware that they would never be able to keep their promises without increased deficit spending or tax increases. They simply didn't care. It is even more inconceivable that the MSM/DNC could not foresee this scenario one or two months ago. Instead of questioning what the Democrats would do and how they would do it, the MSM/DNC focused on polls and fulfilling its own role in securing the Democrats' victory. Now that it is too late for a meaningful discussion of the Democrats' promises, the MSM/DNC is free to discuss the full implications a little more deeply. Having seized power based on lies, it does little good simply to expose the false promises. It does little good for us to be right in hindsight. As I wrote last week, "being right in hindsight is not good enough."

Daddy never told me I would have to KEEP my promises

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