Thursday, September 11, 2008

Obama's Pennsylvania organizer spreads rumor that Bristol Palin's baby was fathered by a black man.

It looks like Explorations will have another smear to add to its list.

Remember the Obama Pennsylvania organizer that publicly accused John McCain of being a secret participant in the post WWII Nazi movement - and remaining so to this day? Well, he is back. And this time he means business. As I wrote in April:
A key Obama local volunteer/supporter (Darnell L. Williams) operates a large mailing list, is privy to Obama's campaign communications (and frequently forwards them to his mailing list), solicits donations for Obama, instructs the faithful on how to obtain tickets to upcoming Obama events, helps organize attendance at local Obama events and solicits volunteers for registration drives and campaign efforts in Pennsylvania and neighboring Ohio.

Today, this Obama organizer sent out a mass e-mail that contains the following:

This is going around the Black community from coast to coast, from Canada to Mexico. You may want to check it out. The truth will come out anyway in five months.

Darnell L Williams

The message links to a video in which a young black man claims to be the father of Bristol Palin's baby.

Apparently the Obama campaign thinks that it is somehow damaging to the McCain/Palin ticket to accuse the VP candidate's daughter of procreating with a black man. Barack Hussein Obama has thrown a lot of people under the bus in this election year. His former pastor, various supporters who show up at rallies wearing Islamic headress, his church, his white grandmother and others. But it seems a little extreme to throw his entire race under the bus. And since Obama himself is the product of a mixed marriage, isn't he throwing his own heritage under the bus by using the concept of mixed procreation as a weapon against Sarah Palin's daughter?

The Obama campaign must really be scared of Sarah Palin to use something like this. Having found no evidence of "Sambo" or bikini pictures, the Democrats have undoubtedly dispatched another team of lawyers to Alaska to investigate miscegenation.

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