Monday, September 03, 2007

Random Thoughts on Larry Craig (R - ID); hypocrisy; gay marriage; television programming; restroom gay sex;

  • This past weekend's resignation by Senator Craig (Idaho) will not stop the MSM/DNC from talking about the scandal for quite some time.
  • More people have died in Senator Kennedy's car than in Senator Craig's restroom stall, yet Kennedy remains a hero to the left and to his party.
  • The Republican party is not the place to be if you are a pervert looking for somewhere to hide.
  • It is not "hypocrisy" to oppose homosexual marriage (civil unions, etc.) while practicing homosexuality. Opposition to gay marriage is not the same as opposition to homosexuality or opposition to gays themselves. Opposition to homosexual marriage is based on the desire to preserve the insurance industry, creditor rights, property rights and as much of the legal system as has become intertwined with marriage over the millenia. (That is the subject of a much longer post in the future.)
  • In future MSM/DNC references to this scandal, the word "Idaho" and the name "Larry Craig" will be scarce. The MSM/DNC will begin referring vaguely to a Republican Senator and the Minneapolis airport. The words "Republican Senator" and "Minneapolis airport" will be much more common than "Idaho" or "Larry Craig." The MSM/DNC hopes that marginal voters in Minnesota will mistakenly associate this scandal with Republican Norm Coleman, who faces a reelection battle for U.S. Senator from Minnesota in 2008 (and whose record is thus far spotless).
  • One day last week, I heard Sean Hannity speculate on the nature of these bathroom homosexual encounters that led to the sting operation that ensnared Senator Craig. Hannity wondered if these encounters are common and if, in fact, there is an entire subculture centered on restroom gay sex. Whoever the undercover police are waiting for when they sit on toilets all day anticipating homosexual solicitation are the same people who decide what our families see on television.

Michelle Malkin covers Craig's resignation and the immediate fallout.

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