Tuesday, July 24, 2007

UK flooding; Today Show; global warming; ventriloquist journalism; Johnstown flood of 1977

I made the mistake of watching the Today Show's coverage of the UK floods yesterday morning. After describing the devastation, looting, shortages, etc., the "reporter" blamed the whole thing on "global warming." But he didn't come right out and say that in so many words. Instead, he used "ventriloquist journalism:"
3. Ventriloquist journalism. A common tactic of the MSM/DNC is to get others to do its dirty work. Let it appear as if someone else is doing the talking so that "media bias" won't be so obvious. [Update] MSM/DNC often uses phrases like "critics say" "some say" "experts say" "sources have told CBS news" . . . .

In this case, the "reporter" concluded his piece by stating that people all over the UK were asking if this catastrophe was caused by "global warming." The reporter evaded responsibility for the ridiculous allegation by imputing the allegation to flood victims across the UK.

Newsbusters has the exact quote.

end update

Contrary to the current global warming hysteria, floods and heat waves have been happening since the earth began. In fact we have much to learn from past floods.

I have included a portion of a film from 1977 that should serve several purposes:

1) The film shows that floods happened even before George Bush became President;

2) It once again raises the question of when global warming is supposed to have begun;

3) For those who are still "stuck on stupid" by leaning on Hurricane Katrina as a political issue, the film shows the proper response to a flood, including immediate action by an adult mayor and an adult governor. [The PA governor was a Democrat, btw. I am not sure about the mayor.]

4) The film is historically significant, as July 20 was the thirty year anniversary of this flood.

5) The film also shows the proper response to looting. Note the mayor's answer at about 0:15 after the beginning.

6) The film also contains an interrupted reference to a "heat wave," indicating that heat waves did not begin with President Bush either.

7) Can you guess the identity of the tall "cut and run" advocate in the white shirt walking next to Governor Shapp?

As I have said before, memory is a useful tool. History is not merely some subject that is taught in school. History can actually be useful in countering the MSM/DNC.

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