Monday, July 23, 2007

U.S. forces killing Al Qaeda in Baghdad; Abu Kaldoun; Doura

The Times Online (UK) reports additional success for American forces in isolating Al Qaeda forces in Baghdad:
The ground-breaking move in Doura is part of a wider trend that has started in other al-Qaeda hotspots across the country and in which Sunni insurgent groups and tribal sheikhs have stood together with the coalition against the extremist movement.

“They are turning. We are talking to people who we believe have worked for al-Qaeda in Iraq and want to reconcile and have peace,” said Colonel Ricky Gibbs, commander of the 4th Brigade, 1st Infantry Division, which oversees the area.

The sewage-filled streets of Doura, a Sunni Arab enclave in south Baghdad, provide an ugly setting for what US commanders say is al-Qaeda’s last stronghold in the city. The secretive group, however, appears to be losing its grip as a “surge” of US troops in the neighbourhood – part of the latest effort by President Bush to end the chaos in Iraq – has resulted in scores of fighters being killed, captured or forced to flee.

The left hopes that they can cut off funding for the war before we route Al Qaeda from Baghdad or kill any more operatives that will be needed in the next terror attack against New York or other American cities.

Regardless of the pros and cons of Saddam Hussein, the opportunity to kill Al Qaeda justifies continued American presence in Iraq.

Doura power plant H/T Global

previous Al Qaeda leaders captured in Iraq.

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