Saturday, July 21, 2007

Bob Casey votes to deny protection to anti-terror whistleblowers; I am John Doe

The Senate has voted to kill a measure designed to protect those that report suspicious activity aboard public transportation and elsewhere. The measure was proposed after 6 muslims filed suit following their own suspicious activity in Minnesota (described by Doug Ross):
According to police reports, the imams were asked to deplane a US Airways flight in November after reportedly requesting seat-belt extenders; invoking the words "Bin Laden", "Saddam Hussein", and "terrorism"; shouting "prayers"; and generally acting in a disturbing and suspicious manner. Three of the six had one-way tickets and between all six, only one checked a bag. Once seated, they spread out in the plane in a pattern similar to the 9-11 hijackers. Two sat in the front, two in the middle, and two in the back.
The imams, backed by CAIR, subsequently sued US Airways, passengers, and crew who had reported their activity. The lawsuit against the "John Does" was apparently intended to "discourage passengers from reporting suspicious activity in the future."

Wizbang publishes the roll call and following comments:
What is going on inside the Democratic party that its members are so united against protecting the American people from another terrorist attack? And as I noted in an earlier post, they are completely committed to this even after an intelligence report said that al Qaeda is working harder than ever to get their operatives into this country to commit terrorist acts.

If you check the roll call, you will see that those Senators with 2008 aspirations either voted for the measure or abstained. That includes Senator Clinton. Even Senators Schumer and Specter voted for this measure. Many red state Democrats voted for this measure. But Bob Casey opposed it.

What am I voting on, again?

When this bill was first proposed, I noted that if we let CAIR silence those who would speak out, we are endangering innocent people in buildings. The people who leaped to their death from the WTC had no idea that Mohammed Atta and his gang of Muslims had boarded a plane unopposed an hour or so earlier.

Silence has consequences.

Bob Casey may be feeling special because bought him a Senate seat, but the rest of us have to make sure that he is aware of the consequences of his actions.

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