Sunday, July 15, 2007

Response to Ted Rall cartoon; Axis Sally; leftist suicide bombers

Ted Rall has written another cartoon, in which he seeks to demoralize the troops and those that wish to defend this country from Al Qaeda and other terrorists.

Axis Sally

I have previously compared Rall and other opponents of America to Axis Sally. Axis Sally spent years in prison for less than what Ted Rall has done. At least Sally had the decency to leave the country before committing treason.

But the latest cartoon has given me some ideas. The cartoon is offensive not only because it is designed to demoralize America as we face great danger from abroad, but also because it is false. In fact, the characteristics listed by Rall apply strongly to the left. The left is composed of the true "suicide bombers." If you don't believe me, review this list of the "suicide bomber" characteristics identified by Rall.

1. Male. Or sometimes not.

2. Willingness to die for a cause.

3. Religious fervor.

4. Poor Education.

5. Blind obedience.

6. Poverty. Well, actually, the left gets a free pass on this one, as they have become minions of George Soros, with orders passed along by Hollywood millionaires, John Edwards, etc.

7. Belief in life after death. [While we believe in life after death also, I think that our gods beat their gods.]

8. Immaturity.

The trouble is, leftist suicide won't kill just the leftists, it will destroy all of us if we let it.


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