Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Obama campaign ad - Hillary Clinton - Apple ad knockoff

I saw Barack Hussein Obama's campaign film about Hillary Clinton at Pam Geller's website the other day.

This commercial says more about Obama and the other Dems than it does about Hillary. We already knew that Hillary was the walking epitome of 1984. We already knew that her supporters were the equivalent of mindless drones who surrendered all pretense at individuality. We already knew that a Hillary presidency would mean conformity on steroids, as we rush headlong into a negative utopia that would make Orwell, Huxley, Rand, Bradbury et al proud.

But now, with the appearance of this commercial, we know something else. We know that Obama and other Democrats know it too. In fact, they have known it all along. The Democratic establishment has known exactly what Hillary was all about for years. But they kept silent. In fact, they defended her and her husband and curried favor with her. They willingly made themselves into the drones that appear in this video. Only when she appears vulnerable do they turn against her.

This was not a typical commercial - one that criticizes an opponent for lacking "the experience" or for some vote or statement in the past. This commercial goes to the very core of Hillary. That so many Democrats would hide this knowledge for so long tells us that the Democrats have sold their soul a long time ago. They knew exactly what they were supporting and they didn't care. The Democrats can sell out to Hillary as easily as they have sold out to Saddam, Iran, global jihad, or anyone else that they view as a Bush enemy. They view foreign enemies just as they view would-be domestic dictators. The Democrats will join with either one so long as the alliance will help them wrest power from the Republicans.

The Democrats are not excused merely because some of them have abandoned Hillary when it appears to be convenient.
update - If you are interested in the real Hillary, read this.
update - 3-19-07
Apparently, Obama is denying responsibility for the ad. If Obama did not produce or authorize the ad, that is worse than the scenario I addressed above. I theorized that Obama and his supporters were opportunists for turning on Hillary only when it became convenient after years of "1984" type behavior from Hillary. But if Obama did not produce the ad, then he has yet to rise to the level of "opportunist." If he cannot endorse the message of this Apple/1984 ad, then he is little more than one of the drones in the ad's audience. Obama does not escape responsibility merely because he now campaigns against her - especially where he fails to identify "Hillary's" essence.

update 3-21-07 - just released yesterday

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