Wednesday, July 04, 2007

What exactly did Lewis "Scooter" Libby do?

Memory is such a useful thing. In general, the MSM/DNC opposes memory because (1) MSM/DNC needs to change the story [whatever the "story" is about] to suit its present day needs and (2) MSM/DNC has much to hide in any given situation.

more dangerous than a muslim doctor?

In the Libby case, I found the following item from March, 2007:
Juror notes in the CIA leak case suggest some jury room confusion about what exactly former White House aide I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby is accused of doing.

. . . .

In their questions, which were released Tuesday morning, jurors seemed confused about what Special Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald was alleging. Were prosecutors saying Libby knew that Plame worked for the CIA by the time of his FBI interview, jurors asked, or does the government believe Libby's account of the Cooper conversation was untrue?

This story was released on the day the verdict was announced. As I wrote in March, the jury heard the entire trial without understanding what Libby was accused of.

But MSM/DNC outlets today dutifully report politicians' comments that Libby received clemency despite no doubt existing as to his guilt. But only a simple examination reveals that the jury was confused for good reason. Libby's detractors cannot tell you what exactly he did or why he was prosecuted (other than vague generalities relating to the Bush-Hitler-Halliburton-Diebold conspiracy).

MSM/DNC sources can say nothing about Libby that would not actually apply to Armmitage, Novak, Fitzgerald, Plame, Woodward and Wilson.

The same people who want Libby to serve jail time for some imagined offense want desparately to close Guantanamo and release the terrorists housed therein. By now, they will also start advocating increased immigration rights for muslim doctors.

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