Wednesday, July 04, 2007

A key anniversary in the 2d American revolution - Rush Limbaugh broadcast anniversary

Today is the 19th anniversary of the day that Rush Limbaugh went national with his radio program. I wrote the following in 2005:
2) July 4, 1988 - Rush Limbaugh debuts nationally on his syndicated radio program. Rush took the Reagan election a step further and literally made conservatism marketable to a commercial audience. Rush proved that at which Reagan's election only hinted. Conservatism sells. Not merely politically, but commercially. Without Reagan's election in 1980, I believe that Rush Limbaugh would never have been given the opportunity to turn conservatism into nationwide commercial success.

That paragraph listed one item in a series of numerous events that formed the "new media" revolution. Without that revolution, the amnesty bill would have been adopted last month, Dan Rather would be a hero for exposing George Bush' national guard story and Hillary Clinton would likely have already been crowned empress by now instead of being a leading candidate for President.

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