Sunday, March 04, 2007

China military buildup continues

According to an AP article linked today by the Drudge Report:
China will boost military spending by 17.8 percent this year, a spokesman for the national legislature said Sunday, continuing more than a decade of double-digit annual increases that have raised concerns among the United States and China's neighbors.

This comes as no surprise to those of us who have blogged the Chinese military buildup and who have identified the Clintons' role in that buildup:
If this scandal bears fruit in the form of some future disaster, at least those of us that blogged it can claim to have warned the rest of us of the coming danger. It is a virtual guarantee that China will grow in power and influence in the coming years. It is also a guarantee that repression, threats, bluster and the risk of war will accompany China's rise for the foreseeable future. It has yet to be seen whether we can avoid the worst potential consequences of the Clintons' sellout. Keeping our heads buried in the sand is no way to achieve that goal.

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