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Hillary's Wellesley thesis - the MSNBC whitewash

Click here for my earlier description and speculation about Hillary Clinton's Wellesley thesis - the Rosetta Stone.

In my original post from June 2005, I cited numerous sources that attributed a confrontational philosophy to Hillary's thesis in a way that would explain much of the history of Hillary's activities during the 1990's:
Alinsky [Hillary's mentor] defined "obtaining power" as a key tactic of organizing his "mass jujitsu." His formula for attack: "Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it and polarize it."
citation omitted

A series of hard-Left mentors introduced Hillary to the brass-knuckle realities of revolutionary activism. As a Wellesley undergraduate, she met and interviewed radical organizer Saul Alinsky, whose Machiavellian tactics she admired. Hillary's senior thesis supported Alinsky's call for class warfare.
citation omitted

class warfare mentor Saul Alinsky

I detailed some of the efforts that Hillary and her allies had made to keep this thesis concealed since she had entered the national stage.

Over the past few days I have noticed a great deal of traffic flowing to this blog from people looking for Hillary's college thesis. I have received small but steady traffic for months from individuals looking for this thesis. Apparently, the word has spread in some circles that this thesis would be worth finding. This happened without the benefit of any MSM/DNC recognition or acknowledgment. But over the past three days, the Wellesley thesis traffic has multiplied greatly. The only explanation I could find is the MSNBC whitewash piece found here. This piece mentions, but does not explain, most of the material found at my earlier post without linking to or crediting that post. One could read the MSNBC piece without ever learning what the original Rosetta Stone actually is or seeing the word "Egypt."

That MSNBC has labored to whitewash this document indicates that Hillary still commands the loyalty of much of the MSM/DNC, despite the Obama-induced defections of the past few weeks.

While the MSNBC article discusses Saul Alinksy in some detail and gives some biographical information about Hillary's early career, the article misses the point. It is obvious that we are in for a whitewash from the beginning when we see a picture of the thesis' (1969) cover page superimposed with a picture of Hillary from 1965 with the notation that she had led the college republicans. One can never expect the MSM/DNC to be very accurate with context or chronology, especially when it tries to apply the "moderate" lipstick on some leftist pig. But fauxto-games have become commonplace in the MSM/DNC.

Barbara Olson - author of "Hell to Pay" - provides some of the limited information we have on Hillary's thesis

The point of the MSNBC whitewash appears in this question on page three of the MSNBC piece:
Must Wellesley’s 2007 seniors scour their term papers on global warming for phrases that could derail their presidential ambitions in the year 2046?

This question appears amid numerous references to the 1969 Hillary as an "idealist" who has since become a "pragmatist." The image MSNBC presents is one of naive college idealists writing papers that slick political operatives will use against them in their future political careers by taking phrases out of context.

In fact, we are not inerested in "phrases." We are interested in the overall point of the thesis. We want to know what philosophy has motivated Hillary in her forty year quest for power. We want to know what she will do to us if she becomes President. She has already given us a blueprint. The least we can do is read it - or pressure Wellesley into making copies available.

Jack Anderson was denied access to the thesis in the early 1990's

Hillary did not simply write a few idealistic phrases. She advocated confrontational politics. She outlined a program for dealing with her enemies. [She provided the kind of advance warning that Billy Dale could have used before he sufferred his ruin at Hillary's hands.]

The larger point is that the American people [or at least many of them] are sick of confrontational politics. Many of the so-called "undecided" voters simply refuse to get involved because they hate the partisanship. Many of these voters have gravitated to the so-called "maverick" "outsiders" over the past 15 years (Ross Perot, Colin Powell, John McCain, etc.) until those "mavericks" descended into the electoral wars or removed themselves from the competition. Hillary herself pays homage to this trend everytime she decries "the politics of personal destruction." The last thing Hillary wants is to have her empty phrase destroyed by the release of her thesis, in which she advocates the very personal destruction that she pretends to oppose.

This thesis also appears to be consistent with the Clintons' use of Terry Lenzner and general treatment of political opponents during the 1990's.

no doubt lamenting "the politics of personal destruction"

I will close with my comparison from another earlier post:
Can you imagine if Dick Cheney had written a senior thesis on the future of Halliburton and its relations to the U.S. government? Or if Bush had written a thesis on how to bring the United States into war? We would hear no end to calls for its exposure.

Hillary's thesis was no casual document or weekend paper. If the reports are true, it reflects a comprehensive strategy that Hillary has implemented, with great success, ever since the document's creation. It reflects a bitter, combative philosophy that is repugnant to most of the voters. Most importantly, the Clintons have labored mightily to conceal (and now downplay) this document since her entrance onto the national stage.

Instead of the limited access that Wellesley now grants to those seeking to read this document, Wellesley should simply make copies available online or to the public in general. Judging from my traffic since Thursday, there are at least thousands of people who would rather see for themselves than accept MSNBC's story.

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