Saturday, March 17, 2007

Al Gore lied - motorists died

From the Philadelphia Inquirer:
The even-nastier-than-expected late-winter storm iced the region with several hours of stinging sleet yesterday, closing roads and schools, and causing innumerable accidents - including a head-on collision in Gloucester County that left three men dead and eight seriously injured.

These deaths are in addition to previous deaths from the bitter cold earlier this year.

Queens 3-16-07

Meanwhile, the story that 2007 has been the warmest winter ever has reached "meme" status. That phrase is beginning to appear in every story about the weather, no matter how unrelated. Check out the chill map from early February, remember that these conditions persisted for weeks, and resolve to immunize yourself from MSM/DNC memes in the future.
update - hundreds of travelers stranded at JFK.

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